'Gingerism'...why do we spurn the red heads? Wednesday, November 20, 2013 @ 13:24:29


Now...lets start by way of disclaimer here.  

My beautiful neice has auburn red hair, she is a stunner...and my step-daughter has the most amazing shade of red hair you'll ever see, both are gorgeous children and will grow into gorgeous women.  But having said that, I have known in my time a hand full of gingers who don't really tick that box, truth is, rangas are commonly known for being firey and often not all that pleasant on the eye.

And today got me thinking about the origin surrounding the predjudice against blood-nuts, as I was flinging around online this morning I noticed that today, November 20, is 'Kick A Ginger Day'...an occasion totally invented on the internet, obviously born by bullies to indulge in giving an even harder time to the red heads in their school, family or workplace.

So I wonder where 'gingerism' all started?

I think the obvious roots would be to look at the common place red hair of the Irish and the Scottish...and the in-bred hatred of them by the English in generations past...so perhaps its a racial thing, although I tend to think its the ease at which human nature allows us to pick on minorities and people who are different, simple as that.

But to be fair, through history there have been some iconic and beautiful carrot-tops...Ronald McDonald for instance, then there's Nicole Kidman (although her wispy locks are more of an odd shade of grey these days) and Lucille Ball, who was truly beautiful but not a true red head.

I'm having trouble coming up with any more examples.

Sufficent to say, please don't go around kicking anyone with red hair today, its not fair and its not their fault...we only have genetics to blame.

I also read something poignant today, something to take with you through life; only a ginger can call another ginger "ginger".