Tattoos move from the body to the teeth Wednesday, July 30, 2014 @ 14:47:48

Tattoos have conquered the final frontier, the only part of the body that was thus far thought best as spotless — the teeth.

Getting the teeth inked is fast gaining currency as a fashion trend in India of all places. And it's not just tattoos. Tooth jewellery, too, is becoming popular, adding bling to the smile.

Indian Dentist, Simita Madan, who has done everything from football impressions to cartoon characters and floral designs, and receives around 20 requests for dental tattoos and jewellery a month. "Both dental tattooing and jewellery have a very simple procedure. We fix a cap on the tooth. There is no drilling required. It can last for some four to five years, depending on the maintenance. Another advantage is that unlike body tattoos, you can get dental tattoos removed without hassles," she said.

On the safety of the procedure, a bonding agent, used for teeth filing, is used to fix a stone on the teeth. It is a superficial chemical, which is safe." She added that dental tattoos and jewellery are a good option for patients who require a crown due to decay or cavity.

While the most preferred teeth for tattoos and jewellery are the lateral upper incisors, canines, molars and premolars, most popular designs are floral designs and cartoon characters. 

Though dentists and cosmetologists claim that there are no side effects to the tattoos and jewellery, they stressed the need to maintain dental hygiene to avoid cavities.