IPS Empress Esthetic - An Ivoclar Vivadent Product

 IPS Empress Esthetic is a leucite glass-ceramic ingot for the press technology.

IPS empress

Since the early 90s, the press technology has stood for accurately fitting all-ceramic restorations and has enthused patients, dentists and dental technicians alike.

Dentiform uses IPS Empress Esthetic for the fabrication of pressed, highly-esthetic single tooth restorations. In addition to the excellent strength values, the leucite glass-ceramic ingots are known for their exceptional aesthetics. The homogeneous material scatters light naturally and provides a balanced chameleon effect.


IPS Empress Esthetic effectively combines accuracy of fit, efficiency and aesthetics.

IPS Empress Esthetic is available in a total of 7 degrees of translucency, distributed among 12 ingots. The slightly shaded TC ingots are available in 6 shades.


E T Ingots

Given their high translucency, E T ingots are used for the fabrication of smaller restorations, such as inlays or onlays. The ingots can be used for older patients with a strongly translucent, glassy residual dentition or for younger patients with a residual dentition of low opacity.

E O Ingots

The E O ingots with increased opacity are ideally suitable for pressing crowns and veneers for patients with a residual dentition of medium to very high opacity and to match the restoration with bleached teeth.

E TC Ingots
The shaded E TC ingots are available in 6 shades. Given their chroma, they are particularly suitable for the cut-back technique, in which incisal materials are layered in the incisal and/or occlusal third after pressing.


  • Highly aesthetic pressed restorations
  • 12 ingots in 7 levels of translucency
  • True-to-nature light scatting and balanced chameleon effect
  • Excellent press results and accuracy of fit
  • Flexural strength of 160 MPa
  • Indications
  • Single-tooth restorations (veneers, inlays, onlays, partial crowns, anterior and posterior crowns)