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Be a Dentiform Preferred Dentist

Dentiform has had direct involvement in the Dental industry in Australia for more than a decade. We are much more than just a laboratory to service surgeries direct.

We have dealt with patients and Dentists across Australia and internationally and want to be able to refer patients to dentists and vice versa.

With such easy access to information online, we have found more and more patients do their own research when it comes to dental work and what goes into their mouth, and we are often contacted direct before they even see a dentist for cosmetic or restorative work.

Our website is a great educational tool for patients who are researching dental treatments online and we actively encourage the public to contact us for preferred dentists in their area.

We are here to help both the Dentist and the patient. You can become ‘Dentiform Accredited’ and we can begin directing patients your way.

Simply fill out this online enquiry form and we will contact you with more details. The service is FREE for the Dentist and the patient.

Our mission is to give Australians the right to choose and to point them to the right Dentist.